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This time, with Mushrooms!

Gewürfelter Schinken mit Champignons

Gewürfelter Schinken mit Champignons

Delicious. This one had a bit of a sourness to it too.

This next one isn’t really aspec; more like jellied ham, with chunks of ham floating around inside.

Jellied Ham with Ham Chunks

Jellied Ham with Ham Chunks

Held up to the light to show texture. It tasted fine, but I’m not buying it again.


Goat Meat in a Can!

Bock Würstchen

Goat or Ram Sausage

This was another attempt at finding some disgusting meat product. They had poultry and beef sausages too, but when I typed “bock” into my translator, I mis-read the translation into “old ram”. Which was clearly going to be something disgusting.

Unfortunately, “bock” is just “goat”, without an age description. And the flavor and texture is just that of a Vienna sausage. Like a high-end Vienna sausage, it is quite good with hot sauce.

So the search continues.



Sausage Breakfast

Sausage Breakfast

A few days before we left New York, we met a woman on the subway who noticed Alissa’s German-To-English dictionary, and introduced herself. She turned out to have been from Stuttgart, and we chatted for a while about how great the city was. She told us that we were thin, and that we should do our best to avoid eating like a German.

I told her “no”.

I’m not sure if it’s because we’re buying the high quality sausages, or if all sausages in Germany tend to be built this way, but cooking sausages from around here is distinctly different than in the States. I burned the #*& out of the first few sausages I cooked, because I didn’t realize the stove was too hot. As far as I can tell, the sausages here contain less water. When they sit in the pan, they don’t make a sizzle sound; they just sit, browning quietly. And then they burn, quietly. And then smoke goes everywhere, quietly.


Disgusting Meat Product

I bought this… food… at a grocery store near our place in Degerloch. My brother, who lived in Bremen for a couple years, suggested that any kind of sausage would end up being really good. So I set out to prove him wrong.

Hähnchenfleisch in Aspik

Diced Chicken Meat with Premium Quality Pickles in Clear, Disgusting Goo

I purchased these a couple days ago, if it must be known. I just didn’t have the heart to open the package. But this morning, after seeing Darling Wife out to her job, I dove right in.

Aspik Zoomed In For Detail

Close-up view of a slice

I will eventually prove my brother wrong. But not today. Today, I will feast on delicious meat chunks, suspended in savory goo. The pickles added a nice sourness, and the chicken was like breast meat. It. Was. Delicious.