Original OeTTINGER Export vs Pils

Original OeTTINGER Export vs Pils

Original OeTTINGER Export and Pils

I drank these beers a few months ago, while we still lived in temporary housing. I wanted to nail down the difference in taste between an Export and a regular Pils. The Export is meant for export, and is pasteurized or somehow otherwise preserved to have a long shelf life. The pils is theoretically fresher.

Looking back on it, this was probably not the beer to do it with. It wasn’t particularly good. Bland. Typical pils, but leaned toward the not-so-great beers. And while I think I could tell a tiny difference between the two (more in smell than flavor), nobody cares. Seriously, nobody cares. If you make the conscious decision to pick up one of these beers from the store, you have no business being all pissed off that you accidentally got the Export, when you meant to get the pils. They’re the same.

The Export was slightly darker, I think. But again, nobody cares.


One thought on “Original OeTTINGER Export vs Pils

  1. Zoltan says:

    We have both at Kaufland in Romania. The Export is a tiny bit more bitter in my opinion and that’s why I prefer over the Pils.
    Local beers are mostly bad so this isn’t even the worst option.
    Price is really good too.

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