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Toilet Brush Instructions for Use, from left to right: all wrong, wrong, nearly right, correct

Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

Adventure: Phase Two Point Five!

Right before Christmas vacation, I found a new job. There are many reasons for the move, but probably the biggest reason for my discontent was the long, annoying commute.

So I start my new (closer) job tomorrow. This time, I’ll be working in C++ and Java to build a communications and navigation network. The company split off a larger one a couple years ago, so it has an ambitious, young feeling to it. There are about 45 employees, but a very large number of them are engineers. As I walked around their office building during the interview, it reminded me a bit of the buildings at Johnson Space Center. There were lots of neat toys lying around, radio setups, and simulations running on banks of computers in the testing room.

I’m excited to start!