Goat Meat in a Can!

Bock Würstchen

Goat or Ram Sausage

This was another attempt at finding some disgusting meat product. They had poultry and beef sausages too, but when I typed “bock” into my translator, I mis-read the translation into “old ram”. Which was clearly going to be something disgusting.

Unfortunately, “bock” is just “goat”, without an age description. And the flavor and texture is just that of a Vienna sausage. Like a high-end Vienna sausage, it is quite good with hot sauce.

So the search continues.


2 thoughts on “Goat Meat in a Can!

  1. Freedom Keys says:

    That’s no boiled peanuts in a can!

    • James says:

      Bwaha ha ha! I went to firehazard.com, hoping you secured that domain. But you didn’t. It was just porn.

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