Disgusting Meat Product

I bought this… food… at a grocery store near our place in Degerloch. My brother, who lived in Bremen for a couple years, suggested that any kind of sausage would end up being really good. So I set out to prove him wrong.

Hähnchenfleisch in Aspik

Diced Chicken Meat with Premium Quality Pickles in Clear, Disgusting Goo

I purchased these a couple days ago, if it must be known. I just didn’t have the heart to open the package. But this morning, after seeing Darling Wife out to her job, I dove right in.

Aspik Zoomed In For Detail

Close-up view of a slice

I will eventually prove my brother wrong. But not today. Today, I will feast on delicious meat chunks, suspended in savory goo. The pickles added a nice sourness, and the chicken was like breast meat. It. Was. Delicious.



9 thoughts on “Disgusting Meat Product

  1. Mihali says:

    That looks absolutely sick! I am glad it turned out good.

  2. Kathryn says:

    ha! I’ve noticed that the germans seem to love them some aspic, but I haven’t been brave enough to try any yet! It’s like a crazy fad from the 50’s that never died out here (a la http://amyalessio.com/?p=3343)

    • James says:

      That recipe sounds horrid! But you should totally try this sliced stuff. Get something safe, like chicken with pickles.

      Btw, Alissa thought I was trying to trick her into eating it. The look on her face when I ate a bite to prove it wasn’t gross, was priceless. A look of absolute disgust and horror and concern; all wrapped into one.

  3. Dorina says:

    Isn’t that the stuff they call ‘headcheese’ in English? I’m not sure….

    • James says:

      That’s what I thought, but apparently head cheese looks is far more gross. The Wikipedia article says head cheese is made by boiling the head of a cow or pig, and getting all the gross meat and fat bits off. The stock would congeal, because there is lots of gelatin in the head. It was poor-people food. Which probably means it’s delicious if you can get around the goo.

      I think I’ll stick to “diced chicken meat with premium pickles”.

  4. Steve says:

    At first look, I thought this was disgusting. Then I thought, “Hey, I like chicken. And I like pickles. I bet its pretty good.”

    I have 2 questions though:
    1) Are the pickles sweet or dill? This will dramatically shape my decision.
    2) Is the gel the same stuff in a can of vienna sausages?

    • James says:

      1. They were sour! Sharply sour. Really delicious.
      2. Ha ha ha ha! Groooooss. No, the gel was more like firm jello. The texture of the gel was roughly as firm (though different consistency) as the meat.

      I got two more styles. One seems to have big mushrooms in it!

  5. aaron says:

    Ha! Actually, I never wanted to eat anything in aspic either. My first introduction to it happened because the meat lady misinterpreted my pointing, and I didn’t have the heart to try and explain that I didn’t want the meat-chunk-goo-loaf.

    • James says:

      Ha ha ha! That’s a perfect way to be forced into it. Our butcher is very talkative. Was talkative. I really should’t have tried to pretend to be German, because I think he thought I was just rude for not talking to him and being all happy and excited about whatever it was he was talking about. Now he acts like I HATE him, and he doesn’t want to upset me.

      Poor guy.

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