Sausage Breakfast

Sausage Breakfast

A few days before we left New York, we met a woman on the subway who noticed Alissa’s German-To-English dictionary, and introduced herself. She turned out to have been from Stuttgart, and we chatted for a while about how great the city was. She told us that we were thin, and that we should do our best to avoid eating like a German.

I told her “no”.

I’m not sure if it’s because we’re buying the high quality sausages, or if all sausages in Germany tend to be built this way, but cooking sausages from around here is distinctly different than in the States. I burned the #*& out of the first few sausages I cooked, because I didn’t realize the stove was too hot. As far as I can tell, the sausages here contain less water. When they sit in the pan, they don’t make a sizzle sound; they just sit, browning quietly. And then they burn, quietly. And then smoke goes everywhere, quietly.


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  1. borland says:

    You only burned it because the stoves there are metric. You can probably buy a wall plug adapter to convert it. You’re welcome.

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