New York City Friendliness

We were told the Germans were unfriendly. “It’s going to be hard to make friends!” they said.┬áThe people on the street don’t like to make eye contact, and they don’t wave or smile or say “Guten tag Herr Beck!”┬áBut we’re from New York City. I would not survive here if I had to smile at everyone, and offer up meaningless pleasantries.

When it comes down to it, the people here are very nice. Just like New York City. They’ll leave you alone until you stare helplessly at the sign posted at the bank. “Simon du fruilein Ich nueul baudsinger zof dailen” they’ll say, and when you respond, politely, with a blank stare, they will continue. “Deorth un farunatriger de suma tu defura sin die alles POROOF ameranger”.

Which is probably very nice.


Everyone parts on happy terms.

Apparently, the bank was closed. That’s really all I need to know anyway. An American bank wouldn’t have attempted to post a sign in the first place.



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