Paulaner Salvator

Paulaner Salvator

Paulaner Salvator

I bet I’ll look back on these early beer posts, and giggle at my inability to distinguish one from another. But come on! This beer tasted German. It’s a German doppelbock. Which means nothing.

Some friends in New York told us that Germans tend to find a local beer they like, and then just order it all the time. No reason to get something else if you like the one you’re drinking. Which is probably what I’ll end up doing if all the beer tastes the same.

Also, I’ve given up trying to take good photos. I would steal images from online, but that’s lame. I’d go downstairs and take the photos in the sunlight, but that has two problems:

  1. The neighbors will probably judge me.
  2. My camera has a broken display on the back, so I can’t see what I’m taking a picture of.

But the crappy photos are homey and comforting, right? Also, they’re proof that I’m not just making this up.


2 thoughts on “Paulaner Salvator

  1. Thomas says:

    Of course “Doppelbock” means something! “Bock” has more alcohol than a regular lager and this is a double bock. In Munich they have a Starkbierfest where only this is served.

    • James says:

      Oh neat! I’m going to track that down. I wish we were already settled, so we had time to venture out into other cities. As it is though, we’ve got too many things to do here.

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