It’s “St. Nikolaus Day” today, which means everybody brings candy and lebkuchen to work, and you just eat sweets all day and then aren’t hungry for the delicious lunch I packed for you.

It’s traditional to shine your boots and leave them in front of your bedroom door, so that St. Nikolaus can drop in a toy, fruit, or candy. We were unaware of the tradition, and thus forgot to both shine our boots and leave them in front of our door. It’s a little heartbreaking.

As we left our German classes and walked home, a pack of 20 people dressed as Santa rode past on bikes.

SantaCon or Perhaps St.-Nikolaus-Con

It was the Stuttgart version of SantaCon. Or maybe they were St. Nikolaus. I hear they dress the same.

Anyway, with so many of these guys in the city tonight, they’re bound to do one more round, right? So we shined our boots and put them in front of our door, just in case. If St. Nikolaus is reading this, I don’t want fruit.

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