Lammbrauerei Hilsenbeck’s Brunnenbier “naturtrüb”

Hilsenbeck`s Brunnenbier naturtrüb

Hilsenbeck`s Brunnenbier naturtrüb

It’s a little difficult to figure out what the name of this beer is. The website uses all the words above, plus “Gruibinger”. But it doesn’t matter. Skip this one.

I had high hopes, because the bottle and label look nice. But it was boring.

We drank it in a bar located inside the climbing gym. Pretty great, right? You can see the climbing holds in the background.

One thought on “Lammbrauerei Hilsenbeck’s Brunnenbier “naturtrüb”

  1. Thomas says:

    There’s nothing like a couple of beers to fend off the boredom when belaying your fellow climber!

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