Instant Soup Culture

I’ve been trying all the instant soups. Alissa doesn’t get to try any, because she’s at work and has to eat real adult lunches. I realize eating instant foods is a horrible thing to admit, but it’s easy and delicious. Plus, isn’t this a good indication of the kind of soups Germans like to eat?

Precise Drink Marking

Precise Drink Marking

The best soup so far has been the Frühlingssuppe, an herb and noodle chicken soup. Which unfortunately has peas and carrots in it. Why do Germans like peas and carrots so much?

Our apartment doesn’t have any sort of official measuring cups or graduated containers. Luckily, there’s a law that requires all vessels in which you serve liquids (beer, wine, water, juice… there are a lot of liquids), to have a volume marking. This way, you can ensure the establishment doesn’t cheat you of a few milliliters of delicious liquids. It makes for a perfect measuring device for soup, since they’re all in units of a quarter liter. This probably also means that German bachelors can minimize the amount of dishes they own.


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