Hasseröder Premium Pils

Hasseröder Premium Pils

Hasseröder Premium Pils

After all the meidocre beer I’ve tried, I’m nervous about finding a beer I really do like. What if I’m just getting use to the crap? What if I’m becoming the kind of guy that loves a boring, tasteless beer? That would be awful!

So I write this post with some hesitation.

I really liked this beer. This has replaced the Rothaus Märzen Export as my favorite. Could it be because I was really hungry at the time? Some other factor? I dunno. But I’m buying more of this. I don’t remember exactly what it tasted like, but using words like “malty toasted bread deliciousness” wouldn’t be wrong.

Also, those S’s in the name look like L’s or F’s. It took me a few tries to find it on Google.


2 thoughts on “Hasseröder Premium Pils

    • James says:

      Ha ha ha ha! That was almost a parody of a beer commercial. “And here’s a duck-chicken-bird!” That was fantastic. Now I like the beer even more. Shutup.

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