Bergadler Premium Pils

Bergadler Premium Pils

Bergadler Premium Pils

This beer just wasn’t very good. Not bad, but not good either. Kinda cheap tasting, maybe.


2 thoughts on “Bergadler Premium Pils

  1. Q says:

    First: Baumburger
    Second: Augustiner Edelstoff
    Third: Tegernseeer

    If you want to know why Bavarian beers are better, you have to understand “das bayerische Reinheitsgebot”! Unfortunately, you have to go there to taste them apart second you might find im Schwabenland.

    Wann gehen wir was trinken?

    P.S.: Till know you tasted only crap.

    • James says:

      P.S.: I really, really hope so. Although I did enjoy the Rothaus. I hope you can introduce me to the good stuff.

      Wir trinken morgen! How soon can you get here?

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