Blow By Blow

15:23 – I left the apartment yesterday with two goals; to yell more at O2, and to buy stamps to mail the furious letter Alissa and I composed this weekend.¬†It was an angry letter, using words like “incompetence” and phrases like “we hope these matters can be resolved, and the damage to your reputation, cleared.” We were angry, and we did not restrict our vocabulary. Those O2 bastards are going to have to look some words up in the dictionary.

But we were out of stamps.

15:40 – The O2 guys claimed the router would arrive soon, but we had been told that before. I left to find stamps.

15:48 РI found some stamps at a convenience store, and mailed the angry letter.

16:02 – I arrived at home. There was a slip from DHL in the mailbox! I had missed a package.

When Alissa got home, she pointed out that given their track record, the package was either not from O2, or empty.

This morning, I was at the post office before it opened. The modem was installed 30 minutes later.

We’re online!

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