Basic Human Rights

On Saturday, we walked into an O2 store to yell at people. It’s been almost 6 weeks without basic human rights. I’ve spent about every other day at Starbucks, buying a €1.90 tea to check my email and catch up on news. Something had to change.

The O2 people tell us that a technician still has to come to the house to do something, even though I insisted that a) a technician was already there and b) the line works just fine because c) I tested it with someone else’s modem. We were even told by the call center that their system made a mistake or the technician forgot to set a flag that notified his presence. “You should have your modem in 2 – 3 days!”


We walked to all the O2 stores in the area (they’re scattered around like Apotheke), until we found a store with a group of employees who were actually useful. Long story short, they sold us a USB dongle that gives us a version of human rights that moves a little slower and doesn’t contain as many rights per month as a typical DSL package, but at least I don’t need to become friends with the Starbucks people. I fear we don’t have the bandwidth for me to post many photos, but at least I can write about our adventures.

Speaking of adventures, I bought a gigantic box of cheese from Lidl (the discount grocery store), after begging Alissa to let me. It cost about €6, and only fits in our fridge because I removed all the important things, like milk and eggs. Inside the container were 5 or 6 mini rounds of cheese, soaked in brine. How awesome is that?! Anyway, I’m on my 4th chunk of cheese now, and I have to say the cheese is lovely. I’m going to try to fry some now. In fact, I have to cut this blog post short, because I just remembered the cheese. If the populations in oppressed countries had this much cheese, they wouldn’t even need human rights.

Should I add butter to the pan when I fry the cheese? Ha ha ha! Trick question. Of course I should!


2 thoughts on “Basic Human Rights

  1. Mom says:

    I was going into Allissa/James withdrawal. Thank goodness the posts are back!

  2. Mom aka Dorina says:

    Ditto from us…Thank goodness you’re back online! Where’s that German efficiency when it comes to internet access? Can’t wait till you get the full bandwidth, we have to see the photos, too!

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