Wilhelma Gallery

I kept meaning to post about our trip to the zoo (besides showing off our Schneeziege), but I never found the time. Long story short, Wilhelma is a zoo and botanical gardens, laid out in a palace. Pretty awesome.

Here are some of the more interesting points. The gallery of our adventures is below.

  1. Peacocks roam free. You may see three peacocks running around with no supervision. We first ran into one walking around on the top of a brick wall.
  2. The tigers seem sad.
  3. Flamingos are amazing. How do they balance like that?! Also, their wings are black on the bottom. I bet there’s a reason, but I’m too lazy to look it up.
  4. Polar bears (Eisbär) are awesome. They walk around a lot, and are gigantic. If thrown into their cages, we would not survive.
  5. Cows want to french-kiss.
  6. Petting zoos are not just for kids
  7. Goats bleat really, really loudly.

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