Ulmer Münster Hirsch Bier Urhell

Ulmer Münster Hirsch Bier Urhell

They look delicious.

The beer was pretty okay. I’d buy it again, but it probably isn’t as special as those berries beside it.

I found them while we were walking around yesterday evening. Alissa made it clear that I should not be eating wild berries, but what does she know? She’s never even tried to eat wild berries. They could be amazing!

I looked them up when I got home. Here’s a picture I took of the bush that they came on.

Delicious, delicious unknown berries

I think they’re Elderberries but we’ll never know for sure. Alissa made me promise I wouldn’t eat them. Unless I call my mom and ask first. But I can’t call my mom, because I’m afraid she won’t understand how amazing these berries might be. Moms are never good about that.

Dad? We have to convince Alissa quickly, because the bushes outside are teeming with them! The season is going to be over soon! Think of all the jam I could be making right now!

6 thoughts on “Ulmer Münster Hirsch Bier Urhell

  1. Abel says:

    Hey James, great blog! You are collecting an impressive amount of German culinary experiences.

    I am pretty sure that the berries are actually Elderberies (Holunderbeeren in German). They should be really common around this time of the year. You can eat them raw, but they are quite tart, so I am not sure if you will enjoy it very much. But my grandma used to make nice jams and cakes out of them and used the flowers in spring to make syrup.


  2. David says:

    Those are totally edible/elderberry looking! I would definitely eat those were I there.

    If you eat one of those, I’ll eat one of the Blackhaw viburnum berries from down the street. (Pretty sure they’re edible, I googled them)

    Also, you and Alissa should have a talk about her sense of adventure. Everyone knows that eating wild berries that you’re not entirely sure are edible is the most fun a person can have.I do it as often as possible.

    If you’d like, I can teach you my patented method for eating wild (possibly poisonous) berries and plants.

  3. Mom (AKA Alma) says:

    Deja vu. James, age 3, eats a berry in the back yard. Poison Control says don’t let him sleep until they identify the berry, and of course it’s right before nap time. Fortunately, it was a an edible Beauty Berry. Go ahead, James, eat those berries. But Alissa, don’t let him fall asleep until we know they’re elderberries for SURE.

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