That Music Selection

I can’t remember exactly where we were. It was some kind of gathering, where Alissa and I had got caught up in conversations on different sides of the room. I found myself talking to a couple guys who knew just enough English for us to carry on the kind of conversations you have at cocktail parties. It went like this.

Guy: “So what kind of music do you listen to?”

Me: “Ah, all kinds, really.”

Guy: “Do you like this [name of someone I hadn’t heard of]?”

Me: Hmm. I’m not sure about that. What kind of music is it?”

Guy: “Black music! Do you like black music?”

Huh. Do we have a strange racist person on our hands? I didn’t see that coming. Maybe it was a problem of vocabulary.

Me: “Oh, like rap?”

Guy: “Black music!”

Me: “Sure I do!”

A few days later, while wandering around in the music section, I ran into this.

Black Music

Black Music


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