Purple Sauerkraut: Batch 4!

The newest batch of sauerkraut is purple! I’ve made purple sauerkraut before. It turned out purple. Purple sauerkraut is a little unsettling, because it’s purple. Sauerkraut should be white. But I made it anyway, because I like excitement in my life.

Sauerkraut Batch 4: Purple

Batch 3 was a failure. I used “savory” cabbage, which I’ve never tried before. When I finished making it, I realized that my knuckles were swollen. I let it sit for a long time before I harvested, because I was nervous. A few days ago, I scratched my wrists and rubbed the sauerkraut juice in it, but I didn’t have a reaction. So I’m not sure why my knuckles were so messed up.

Batch 3 wasn’t very good though. The leaves were super wrinkled, which made it physically difficult to pack down properly. The result was semi-soft with no redeeming qualities. Maybe I’ll try again later. When you have a sauerkraut addiction, it’s tough to dedicate a full week to an experiment that might leave you without your fix.

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