Mystery Delightful Orange Tomato Thing

I don’t remember exactly when we were introduced to this, but I think it was part of a breakfast that included yogurt and granola. Alissa poked at it, and the person who owned the breakfast politely asked her to stop.

Physalis Intact

Physalis in it's shell

Ha ha! No, that’s not what happened. Instead, he asked her if she wanted to try one. The restaurant brought us another, and we both had a bite. Delicious.

The name of this fruit is unclear, but you can buy them in the store under the name Physalis. If you search for them online, you get names like Blasenkirschen (which translates to jujube), cape goosberry or Physalis peruviana, and Aztec berry. Whatever the name, they’re everywhere. I think they’d make a great pie, but it was pointed out that they’re pretty expensive for that. They’re served with ice cream (as the cherry on top!) and in yogurt. Pretty much anywhere a cherry would be served. Anywhere a small, sweet, interesting fruit might be appreciated.

Physalis Opened Up

Peal back the paper-like leaf covers

They cost a couple Euro per box of twelve. Or something like that.

The flavor is hard to describe. Kinda orange-y, with a texture like a tomato. We pealed and ate a whole pack last night, and I wish I had a few to eat as I’m writing this. There are some more culinary adjectives that should go here.

Physalis Bitten

The inside is like a cherry tomato

When we get rich, I’m gonna make a pie. Awwww, what would happen if you mixed these with sour cherries?! That would be the best pie in the whole world!

Maybe I should get a job.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Delightful Orange Tomato Thing

  1. Dorina says:

    not a jujube. we’ve got jujubes here in the asian markets. they’re not great, but are definitely hard and crunchy. got to be the gooseberry. wish we had those!

  2. Mom says:

    Alas, not a gooseberry, either. We have those, and they look like very tiny grape-sized watermelons–tart & juicy & husk-less.

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