Merry Christmas!

We’ve started a Christmas tradition of hanging stockings. This was more difficult than you might expect, since we didn’t have stockings, and our house doesn’t have a mantel to hang them from. Germans don’t seem to do the stocking tradition, so we couldn’t find them in the stores.¬†We saw a stocking in one of the booths at the Frankfurt Christmas market two days ago, but by then, we had already made our own. As it turns out, Alissa is an expert at stocking-making.

Alissa's Christmas Stockings

Sewed by hand, with extra room for gifts in the toe area.

Pretty great, right?? The fuzziness you see is the light doing strange things on the material. The tops are kinda reflective.

Since we don’t have a mantel, we hung them with care on the back of our rocking chair. And as it turns out, Santa comes to Germany, too.

To all of you, have a wonderful holiday!

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