Meat Goo In A Sleeve

Pommersche Schnittlauch Meat Goo

Pommersche Schnittlauch Meat Goo

I feel like we have these in the US, but is one of those things I associate with nobody. Nobody wants to eat this stuff in the States, right? Anyway, it caught my eye because there was a chance that it was something you slice. But then I saw the meat goo oozing out of the lower part of the package, between the sheets of plastic. Grooooooss!

But as it turns out, this stuff was pretty darn good. I almost ate the whole thing, spread on a brötchen. It was just a sort of savory, spiced meat paste.

Oh, and I feel I should take a few minutes to discuss the “brötchen”. A brötchen is just a mid-sized roll. Brot means bread and the -chen at the end means little or small. They are somehow absolutely delicious. The second time we visited Germany, I looked forward to having a brötchen with butter. That’s all. Oh, and a coffee. I can’t quite put my finger on why they’re better. They’re just a little sweet, a little more moist, and a little chewy. Not that a typical NY roll isn’t similar (although NY rolls can be a bit sour, which is good in it’s own right), but I wouldn’t want to eat a NY roll after it sat around for a day.

So this turned out well. While I was shopping, I saw a black sausage that I haven’t had the guts to purchase. It looked like a big chunk of poo. Maybe I’ll be able to trick Alissa into taking the first bite.

One thought on “Meat Goo In A Sleeve

  1. Abel says:

    Haha, the black stuff is as worse as it gets. You really don’t want to eat that. If you want to form an unbiased opinion of its taste, don’t check the link before trying it.

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