Maultaschen Dinner

There’s a delicious Swabian food called Maultaschen, which is essencially a dumpling stuffed with minced meat and spices. Tonight, I made it for my Frau. Here’s a blurry picture:

Maultaschen Dinner

Maultaschen Dinner with Onions and Tomatoes That I Remembered To Salt

It seems to be served in one of two ways; either as pictured above, pan fried with carmalized onions, or boiled in a chicken stock, and served as a soup. I wasn’t initially a fan of the somewhat strong liver-like meat, but this was really good. It’s growing on me.

Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

On Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, Maultaschen are a traditional dish in Swabia, because the meat is concealed under the pasta dough and cannot be seen by God. Therefore they have earned the nickname “Little Cheaters on God” (Swabian “Herrgottsbescheißerle”).


3 thoughts on “Maultaschen Dinner

  1. Dorina says:

    almost looks like shao mai…Chinese dumplings.

  2. Thomas says:

    I keep going back to this picture… I really miss those, have to find them somewhere in NYC!

    • James says:

      Ha! I don’t mean to torture you, but we’ve been eating them for several days in a row. We’re trying every kind we can find. Today, we came back with two kinds from the butcher! We expect them to be delicious (though one is vegetarian, which is a bit wrong).

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