Internet Nightmare Horror

I don’t mean to be dramatic, but there’s a chance we’ll be without internet for several days. I realize, moms, that this isn’t what you wanted for your children. You taught us to call early, with plenty of time to have a technician set up the modem.

We called a couple days before we moved. We ordered DSL service from O2 and assumed that the internet package would arrive in about a week. That’s what we deserve for ordering late; a few days of stealing internet from neighbors!

When we moved in, the previous tenant (who we knew) was boxing up his modem, and said “Hey guys, did you order internet already?” And we said yes. So he called the company to see if they could just switch our service to his modem. Unfortunately, that was too complicated. So in an act of great kindness, he left his modem with us. It was already paid, so it didn’t cost anyone anything.

After a week of not hearing from the company, I called their hotline.

“Sprechen Sie Englisch?” No.

“Sprechen Sie Englisch?” No.


I walked to an O2 store and talked to them about it. The lady offered to call them herself. Some words were exchanged.

“When did you sign up?”

“Last week”

Last week??

Apparently, one week is waaaaay too short to expect a telecom company to set up a service. Silly Americans! They need at least three weeks. THREE WEEKS?! So we’ll probably have to return our borrowed modem before our new modem arrives.

Anyway, if anyone wants to mail us a care package filled with internet, we’d both appreciate your kindness.

One thought on “Internet Nightmare Horror

  1. borland says:

    Dude, you’re losing your internet! You should of paged me. I have a box full of AOL CDs. Let me see if I can find one with about 9 billion free hours of AOL on it for you. It’s moments like these is why I’m glad I’ve invested so much time, effort and money into rapid deployment of Internets. I’ve just added in long range pigeon carriers this will be a great test to see if they can fly across the Atlantic.


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