Ich Möchte Eine Schneeziege

We almost adopted a mountain goat. It tried to follow us home, because it liked us. Here’s a picture of our Schneeziege.


Our Schneeziege

That was before she saw us. After we got closer, we called out to her. “Hallo Schneeziege!” She looked up, and kept her eyes on us. We know she liked us, because she followed us with her head.

Schneeziege Watches Us

Schneeziege Watches Us With Love

You don’t just pee in front of someone unless you feel comfortable with them.

Schneeziege Pees

Schneeziege Pees Comfortably

Then she took a drink.

Schneeziege Drinks

Schneeziege Drinks

The End.

3 thoughts on “Ich Möchte Eine Schneeziege

  1. Mom says:

    Zoo? Or backyard?

    • James says:

      Zoo! I’ll post more later, but we went to a zoo based in a palace. The only zoological botanical garden in Europe!

  2. Thomas says:

    Please do post more on your visit to the Wilhelma!

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