Gumball Machines!

The first time I walked around Degerloch, I saw gumball machines mounted to gates and walls throughout the town. And while some were in disrepair (or at least old), the gum inside seemed fine. Some of them had toys, no different than the kind of awesome junk you’d get in the US.

Alissa Gets a Gumball

A small child selects her favorite gum

I was fully prepared to accept this as a strange thing about Degerloch, but we found one in Zuffenhausen while we were apartment shopping up north.

I guess the only odd thing about having gumball machines scattered throughout the city, is that they’re mounted to what appear to be private fences. In the States, they’d be generally mounted to metal pipes and placed in front of stores.

Anyway, the gum was typical. We spit it out as soon as we had the chance.


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