Grumpy Old Man

So remember that apartment place where the old man hung up on Alissa? Well, we figured out where it was located, and went to see it anyway. It was an open house, with a few couples wandering around. There were two places available to see, and we saw them both. They both sucked.

So yeah! We saw your apartments anyway, grumpy old man! And they SUCKED!

Oh, but back to the point of this post. We saw several apartments on Saturday. The first one was taken before we arrived. It was located in Süd (the southern region of Stuttgart), a very nice area. Even so, it was surprising that it was taken so quickly. We had high hopes for that one.

The second place was smack dab in the middle (Mitte region), and is also nice. Mitte has a more downtown feeling to it. The apartment was newly renovated, but it wasn’t very big. Alissa thinks it’s about as big as our New York apartment, but I think it’s pretty significantly smaller. Either way, it doesn’t leave much room for activities. The price is right though.

The next two places were waaaay out in Zuffenhausen. They both sucked.

We have a few days to decide if we want the apartment in Mitte. The only real downside (besides the size), is that it’s only going to be available on the 1st of July. That means we have to stay in our temporary place for two months, which isn’t ideal.

So the search goes on.


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