Construction TV

Shopping Center

Shopping Center

This is going up right outside our apartment. Since I’m at home all day, the banging of hammers can get a bit annoying. But it’s not bad. Plus, we get to watch it get built.


New shopping center

It’s only going to be about as high as the building next to it, so it won’t block the amazing sunlight that comes through our window in the evenings.

Construction Cranes

Construction Cranes

The construction cranes are awesome. I want to drive one. They’ve had some close calls with the building you see in that picture; there is a floodlight hanging off the side of the house that constantly gets hit by the cables hanging from the crane. There was a huge storm a few weeks ago that blew the tops of the cranes all over the place.

The photo of the construction was taken about a week ago, but we were watching since they were digging out the last of the dirt, and filling the lower section in with concrete. It’s exciting! They’re already laying rebar for the next floor.

I hope the shopping center is filled with awesome stores.

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