I was not expecting this to be good, so I wasn’t surprised. Overly bitter, just meh.

But I did some research because Becks just goes by one name (instead of, say Becks Lager). Is there any other beer company that does that? Anyway, I’m getting off topic. The point is, I found out that Becks owns Hasseröder! Hasseröder even produces some of Becks beer! Terrible! It’s even worse when you realize that Becks is owned by InBev (the most gigantic beer company in the world).

Well, it’s not shocking after Thomas pointed out that Hasseröder was a disgusting “TV beer”. If you missed it in the comments, you should watch the advertisement. It’s fantastic.

I’m getting off topic again. The point of this entire post is, this is not a good beer.

Also, I’m drinking a Hasseröder right now, and it’s not nearly as good as it was a couple days ago. Dang it.

One thought on “Beck’s

  1. aaron says:

    hah. Becks does suck. try Becks Gold for a really poor experience. on the other hand, they also brew Haake-Beck, which is fantastic. you might not be able to get it down south though.

    Hasseröder is indeed terrible. I’m glad you learned that. (And Jever is amazing. stop forming opinions about north german pilsners that you buy in the south. Wait till june and give them a try in their natural habitat.)

    See if you can find any altbier…i think that style might make you happy.

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