A Bit of a Catchup Post

Don’t worry! I’ve been keeping track of all the things I’d have liked to post, but couldn’t. For example, I’ve tried every beer in the world (plus or minus a few). And we visited a bunch of festivals and did a bunch of random things. I plan to post these things slowly, or I’ll go insane. But some things don’t deserve their own post, so I can summarize here quickly.

Lidl Lottery

I’m surprised nobody called us to ask the results. This past month must have been tense for you guys.

Unfortunately, we lost. However, we came really really close! I scratched off two winning balls before I scratched off a losing ball. So close! Though as it turned out, the prize was a “Lidl branded photo album.” Nobody wants that anyway.

Cheese Frying

Frying the cheese didn’t work out. It was like frying feta, and ended up as a sort of watery, gooey mess. That was gross.

But! We found some things in the grocery store that are essentially just blocks of cheese shaped into a hamburger patty. They’re meant for frying or grilling, and they are scrumptious! You shouldn’t eat too many, however. We tried.

For those of you that can find it, go get yourself some of that tender, white, Mexican cheese. Slice into medium-thick slices. Fry it dry, without oil or butter. Medium heat. Lightly browned crust. You’re welcome.


The sauerkraut turned out amazingly well! It was different, but not so different that it was weird. It had a sweet nature about it. Delicious. I went ahead and made another batch using a normal cabbage, just in case all German kraut tastes slightly sweet. But it turned out totally normal. Deliciously normal. I’m making a third batch of kraut now, which deserves it’s own post because my hand became swollen around my knuckles as I made it.

We’re a bit scared of eating it. But we’re going to do it, for science.

Eurocup 2012

Germany lost. It was still very loud outside. Germany wasn’t even playing in the final, and it was loud until 3 am that night. Precisely how many Spain-ish people live in Germany, anyway??

Everything Else

Nah. Time to go shopping. I’m out of coffee. And the recycling needs sorting. Speaking of recycling, that deserves its own post.

The days are packed.

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