Old People Ride Bikes In Groups

Helmets on the Train

Just to be safe.

I should preface this by saying we’re still new to Germany, and we are therefore not completely knowledgable about the people or the culture.

But it appears that weekend mid-mornings are the time when massive amounts of older people dress up in bike clothes, and bring their bikes on the train. They come in groups of 2 or 4, and they always wear their helmets. Even while they’re sitting on the train. The bikes themselves are not always “old people bikes”. Some look like they cost a lot, and do not appear to be comfortable at all. These people are hardcore.

I’m not sure where the young people are at this time. Asleep? Do the young people come out to ride bikes in the evenings? It’s a good thing Alissa doesn’t have a bike yet, because we’d probably accidentally go riding Saturday morning, and be all out of place.

Ah, you can see the people in the background are not wearing their helmet on the train. I stand corrected.

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